McCulloch Power Li-NK Li 40T
    Powerful 40V Li-ion battery trimmer

    von € 269,99

    The Power Li-NK Li 40T trimmer uses a fully interchangeable battery system, one battery fits all Power Li-NK machines. With Power Boost, a push of a button increases motor speed to power through tougher grass, and a Tap N Go trimmer head for ease of use. The brushless motor and the variable speed trigger deliver better performance and control. The split shaft allows the use the versatile range of universal attachments.

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    Technische Daten

    Motor specification
    Motor type Brushless
    Spannung 40 V
    Electronic product
    Maximale Drehzahl Ausgangswelle 5500 U/min
    Battery Capacity Ah 2
    Charger Inc.
    OEM Trimmerkopf P25 tap 'n go
    Schnittbreite 35 cm
    Fadenverlängerung Tap and Go
    Anzahl Fadenausgänge 2
    Arbeitsdrehzahl 5500 U/min
    Faden-Durchmesser 2 mm
    Schaft Gerade / geteilt
    Trimmerkopf Tap n' Go Dual Exit Head
    Overall dimensions
    Weight inc. battery 5,78 kg
    Weight excl. battery 4,9 kg
    Logistical data
    Gewicht inkl. Verpackung 5,54 kg
    Produktabmessungen, LxBxH 1680x120x180 mm
    Verpackungsmaße, LxBxH 970x265x165 mm

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